Home Grown Mini-Series Part 1- Introduction and the Basics

By: De Bavery

How many of you are either sick of the process of obtaining marijuana, the cost of it or better yet the quality of it? Or perhaps you are tired of not knowing what exactly you’re getting? Well, I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt, as I like to say.  I have spent my whole life devoted to everything marijuana. Over the recent years, I have suffered from a debilitating, chronic condition that cause extreme pain and fatigue plus a plethora of other symptoms. Since this, I have decide to start sharing my knowledge so that those that suffer as I do can obtain their medication with less hassle. With that said, this brings me to my miniseries on home/small garden growing.


Preserving, Collecting and Storing Cannabis Seeds for Your Home Grow 

  Most of us have probably found that occasional seed in a really flame bag and either got rid of it, gave it back or kept it with the intent of sprouting that same delicious strain. For most of us, nothing was done with that seed for one reason or another. Well, now you will have the knowledge to start doing something with your seeds. When saving seeds always mark the month and year you got it, seeds are only good for up to a year so you will want to store them in the fridge. Some seeds do last longer but will take longer to germinate.  Also, if you know, the name of the strain the seed came from you will want to label it and store each type of strain in a different container. Any knowledgeable cannabis grower will tell you that you want to preserve that seed until sprouting it and this is how you do it. Leaving the seed out exposes it to humidity and climate change that can cause the seed to obtain moisture that eventually causes the seed to die inside if nothing is done with it.

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Starting With the Basics Leaves Room to Grow

    Once you obtain enough seeds to get the garden going, you will want to start with some basic supplies. Make sure you have what you need before jumping into planting or you will severely regret it later when your plants decide to stop their growth due to the shock. Once shock occurs, you will then have to try to nurse it back to health or risk losing your plant. So get the supplies and then start, odds and ends can be easily picked up during the process. So, what supplies should you get and have on hand? You will want to start with starter cubes or seedling plugs, a 5-gallon bucket per plant, two lights per plant and “grow” nutrients. You will also need to pick out a grow space inside that will help retain the light and humidity the plants need. I personally use five-gallon buckets usually but will be experimenting with a large tote to see how that works for a small spaced garden. Starting up may seem overwhelming with all the information and advice that all your buddies dish out, but really it’s actually quite simple. It takes about $20 to start up a low-end indoor garden, that will produce you a beautiful batch of crops. Don’t worry about spending hundreds of dollars for an elaborate setup, start small and within your means, then add as you have the money to upgrade.

    This is just the basics to start up a small home grown garden. If you want to learn about the entire process, stay tuned for more of my mini-series, Home Grown, as I will be adding part 2 soon! Get ready for germination and planting. Until then, enjoy life and the moments it presents you. Enjoy the ride and your high!


By: De Bavery

Writer @ Marijuana Writers

A Single Seed Can Tip the Scale

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