Removing the Smokescreen and Discovering the Truths

There are many myths and lies surrounding marijuana. There, unfortunately, are still many individuals that hold on to the lies and the propaganda surrounding marijuana. Many of the things we have been told and shown in the media for decade’s now surrounding cannabis are all untrue. Thanks to legalization efforts in many states across the country we are starting to expose these lies and find the truths out once and for all. Let’s take a look at some of the common lies and myths surrounding this wonderful natural plant and how they are being proven wrong.


“Marijuana is a Gateway Drug.”

Studies have debunked this theory time and time again. Every study has shown that individuals that use harder illicit drugs such as heroin or cocaine have consumed marijuana, but there are no underlying relations to cannabis being what leads individuals to said drugs. Marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco are among the first three drugs that many individuals will consume in their lifetime. It is only natural that the use of these would come before harder drugs as they are so readily available and legal with the exception of marijuana. On the other hand when surveyed, only a small portion of cannabis consumers had ever tried anything other than alcohol and tobacco.


“Marijuana Will Make You Stupid and Lazy.”

Well, this one is obviously a lie. It is easy to see that cannabis or marijuana consumption does not mean that you will become unmotivated and unsuccessful, nor does it indicate that you are any less intelligent than the next person. In fact just look at the many presidents that have confessed to consuming marijuana, or the celebrities such as Morgan Freeman or Willie Nelson that have long running successful careers. There are thousands if not millions of successful, hard-working, dedicated and motivated cannabis consumers within our society. In fact, the majority of individuals that make up the workforce are cannabis, consumers.


“Marijuana will Negatively Affect Your Lung Health.”

Thanks to a study from Emory University in Atlanta, this theory has been proven wrong. Their study found that long-term marijuana smoking did not have adverse effects to spirometric measures of lung health. Spirometric measures are the measures of exhalation strength. The study included adults between the ages of 18 and 59 who smoked at least one joint a day. Studies showed that their expiratory volume was the same as someone the same age who did not smoke cannabis daily. The data that they collected suggests that prolonged marijuana consumption will not cause respiratory diseases like cigarettes are proven to do.


“Marijuana is Deadly.”

Not much data to talk about here as marijuana has never killed a single person, EVER. On the other hand here are a few scary facts of other common things that are far more deadly than marijuana but I bet you have at least one of them in your house right now.

  • Aspirin– The cause of approximately 750 deaths annually.
  • Steps– The cause of over 1,000 deaths annually.
  • Caffeine– The cause of over 2,000 deaths annually.
  • Alcohol– The cause of over 100,000 deaths annually.
  • Tobacco– The cause of over 400,000 deaths annually.

Marijuana is even safer than taking selfies. The act of taking selfies has killed over ten people this year alone.


“Marijuana is worse than Tobacco.”

Tobacco is clearly much more dangerous than cannabis. According to the CDC “Each year, an estimated 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, and another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking. Despite these risks, approximately 46.6 million U.S. adults smoke cigarettes.” There has never been a death directly related to the consumption of marijuana, ever.

The list goes on and on. As time progresses, we will see more and more truths surrounding cannabis and just how wonderful it is. This plant has the ability to save millions of lives yet it still remains illegal across a large portion of the United States.  I urge you to speak up and educate others. We must join together in this fight and put an end to the draconian laws surrounding a plant that just might be the best medicine in the world.

Author- Ashley P. @ Marijuana Writers

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