HIGH Expectations for the Dopest Resort of Our Time (So Far)

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The Santee Sioux Tribe is making Canna history by using their land as a foundation for the first Marijuana resort. That’s right you will be able to have your smoke and smoke it too. This resort will offer smoking adult entertainment that is sure to keep the vibes high. The South Dakota tribe’s Cannabis resort is scheduled to open on New Year’s Eve of this year. I can’t imagine a better way to bring in a killer new year that’s sure to be blazing!

The Buzz Around this Blazin Establishment

The Santee Sioux tribal leaders intend to grow cannabis and sell it in a large array of venues. These venues will include a nightclub, video games, bar and restaurant and in time they will also offer slot machines as well as a stage for outdoor concerts. Cannabis is not yet legal in South Dakota. However the Santee Sioux tribe can grow, sell, and consume cannabis freely at will on reservation land while the rest of South Dakota waits for legalization. The legalization of cannabis on the Santee Sioux reservation came in June 2015, a few months after the Justice Department drew up a new policy that allows Indian tribes to cultivate and distribute cannabis. They can govern themselves in regards to marijuana on reservation lands just like they can with casinos. Don’t take my word on it but the income could get big, just look at the revenue being seen in Colorado or Washington or even Oregon for that matter. The average income for the resort is an estimated 2 million per month. Holy smokes is right. We have seen cannabis go from being outlawed and prosecuted to being freed across the nation joint by joint in just a few short years. It’s wonderful to imagine what is yet to come.

MJ Money

Cultivating Economic Gain

Only four states currently are regulating the sales of marijuana, and they are reaping the benefits of it full force. Despite being illegal on the federal level cannabis is changing its image for the better. Smarter and more effective means of consumption are helping consumers and medicinal patients alike to enjoy safer and higher quality marijuana. The marijuana revolution is in the dawning of a new age with canna resorts. The fun is endless as is its possibility to flourish. The resort could soon be on the must see list of destinations in North America.

Author- Amber P. @ Marijuana Writers

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