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Merry Jane Invite

Marijuana Writers feels honored and privileged to be amongst the 420 beta users that were chosen daily to snoop around Snoop Dogg’s smashing new website Merry Jane.
Snoop Dogg’s new website mMerry Jane is everything that you would think it would be. An amazing job Snoop! The site is laid out very elegantly and classy yet with a touch of stoner flare. Marijuana writers official review of the Snoop Dogg St. Mary Jane is that it is uptown out of sight and dynamite! With categories group together creating fun to read informative pack articles everything you could want from fashion, culture, entertainment, and more can now all be found in one place. It’s kind of like Leafly meets Medical Jane but with that stoner flare that we all secretly love. If you’re not one of the lucky 420 users per day that got to test the beta version of this website, hang in there. Merry Jane is launching sometime in October and will be out there for the masses.

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