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Today is the day that Oregon has been waiting for since recreational use of marijuana became legal on July 1st of 2015. Today, October 1st, adults age 21 and older in the state of Oregon can purchase marijuana from medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Today will be the day that hundreds of people get to see what it feels like to purchase safe and legal cannabis for the first time in their lives. This is an extraordinary experience and feeling for anyone who enjoys the herb. The medical marijuana dispensaries in the state will be able to sale cannabis to non-patients until the state regulates and opens licensed recreational dispensaries which is expected to happen in 2016. This not only helps to stimulate the economy, it also provides recreational consumers a safe and legal market to purchase their cannabis.



What You Canna Buy
Recreational customers will only be able to buy 1/4 ounce of dry flowers and up to 4 clones. The other products such as edibles, concentrates and topical products will not be available for purchase by recreational customers.The next best part is that there is no tax on recreational marijuana purchases either until state implements regulations through recreational dispensaries. This is all thanks to Senate Bill 460 which passed with a 40-19 win in the House as well as a 23-6 vote in the Senate. So today when you are waking and baking or having an evening sesh, be sure to smoke one for the successes we are seeing across the country and particularly for the changes happening in Oregon today.

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