NASA Announces Water on Mars Confirming the Elite Will Live on When the Earth is Gone

NASA announced that they have officially found water on Mars! However, we have known about this for some time. Sending scientists to Mars is just another smoke screen and a decorative facade as they prepare to evacuate the dying planet Earth. Realizing that people are still in the masses and have the technology and capability of spotting the increased space traffic, the story about sending scientists back and forth is nothing more than a mere cover-up. They know that the soil is hydrated and that there is liquid water on Mars because they have been there for years.

The Elite

Greetings Martians, We Are the Elite Earthlings Here to Destroy Your Planet Next

The colonies are thriving on the Martian planet and are ready to be inhabited by its new citizens. The worker bees or hospitality providers so to say of this world, have already been chosen, and have been living there for years now. They will be the workers who repair things, cook the food, clean the living and recreational areas. The ones who’ll do all the chores the elite don’t perform. Does the Martian planet contain a surface that has trees and life on it? Could it be that it contains the surface under a surface? Unfortunately, this is an answer that only some of us will find out in our lifetimes

Mass Distraction

The Media is Distracting Us from our Dying Planet Earth

Through media fed facades of racial turmoil and planetary despair due to religion and persecutions, people will be fed stories to turn their attention from what should be the most important story in the world. The headlines for this story should read! A dying planet what to do when the water is gone?!?! We’ll start to see the skies light up and the travel space between Mars and Earth more frequently populated by lights in the sky. The media knows that we needed some kind of answers before we started finding out the truth for ourselves.

End of the World

Hollywood Has Tried to Warn Us and Prepare Us for What is to Come

Hollywood has been preparing you for what’s to come for years now. 2012, San Andreas, Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Book of Eli, even Mad Maxx have all tried to help shape the minds of millions to prepare them the best they can so that they could be ready. They cannot come out and openly admit a fact such as the planet has passed the point of no return and is dying. That the population density must change drastically for the world to survive. That the primary source of life as we know it on our planet water is about to be no more. These facts would send the world into anarchy and despair. People would rob, steal, rape, murder, and pillage such as predicted on judgement day. Only in this judgment day Skynet will not fire nuclear weapons that will take us all out at one time. It will be a slow miserable demise for those left on this suffering dying planet trying to scavenge for what food and water that’s left.

Hope for Earth

There is Still Hope for the Non-Elite through Simpler Lifestyles and Advanced Water Processes

If you’re not among the elite and wealthy citizens of this world then prepare yourself for what could be the worst to come yet. Never fear, life will find a way. We can still prevail. It might work out better this way if all the rich people do leave the planet. Maybe then finally we can go back to when life was simpler. People can go back to a more relaxed way of living before electricity and running water when things went on just fine, and the world still spun around the Sun. Between water resonators, desalinization processes, and water purification methods such as osmosis and filtration systems a sustainable colony could still exist on the planet Earth. Either way you look at it in a short time, life as we know it on this planet is about to change.

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