Earth Is Running Out of Natural Resources and NASA Announces MARS Colony

The Elite Are Leaving Earth for a New Home on Mars

Part of the Gardens on MARS

The United States of America years ago sent a rover to Mars in search of water. This search that’s taking place is because, planet Earth is running dry! Climatologist and scientist have already determined that we have passed the point of no return. It is just a matter of will the fever that planet Earth has managed to catch due to humankind’s lack of care destroy humanity, or the world itself? The government knows that the answer to this question is all of humankind shall perish. When the planet runs out of water, food will be gone, crops will no longer exist, and stores will not have packed shelves. There will be war and anarchy across the globe. So NASA drops the space program, so they would not have to explain funding to the public any longer. Private corporations took over for NASA because they do not have to report their spending to the public the way that NASA had to account for in the past. Private spacecraft’s have been designed that will fly the rich and wealthy to a new home on a new world. What world is it that I am talking about? Why Mars of course.

A Resident of Mars do Routine Maintenance Forgot About the Camera!

Caught With His Helmet Down

The Mars Rover was recording footage on the alien planet when a forgetful cosmonaut forgot that shadows show up on film. He was caught working on the rover without his helmet on proving that the air on Mars is breathable! Mars has been being colonized over the last decade and is now ready for its new colonists. As the rich and wealthy abandon planet Earth to move to Mars, the poor will be left behind. Left to fend for themselves. They’ll have to fight for what remaining water is left on the planet. Eventually, the majority of humanity left on planet Earth will die out along with all regular food sources that we are used to. If you are not a Russian billionaire, a high profile politician, or other wealthy individuals, this new colony will not have a place for you. Right now on the planet Earth a child dies every 8 seconds due to water-borne illness.

Rivers Are Drying Up Around the World at an Alarming rate!

The Planet is Dry and It’s Starting to Show

This alarming fact is something that they try to keep us from hearing about. More of the world is facing a drought than ever before, andscientists know that it is not going to get any better. Companies are making plans to siphon what natural resources are left out of the earth as quickly as they can and sell them to the highest bidder for as much profit as possible before leaving the planet. If you don’t believe this would happen to you, just stop for a minute and ask yourself this. Would the government leave me here and desert the planet? Would multi-millionairesleave everybody behind and go to a new world only be inhabited by the elite? Is this science or is this fiction? Possibly could it be we have entered the realm of nonfiction science fiction? Stockpile water while you can, it won’t be here for long!

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