Bottleponics is the Way to Grow All Your Favorite Chronics

You source for chronic!
You source for chronic!

When you think about hydroponics and growing marijuana, racing probably is not the first thing that comes to mind. Racing and a man named Mr. Harris are the inspiration behind this story. Racing is more than just driving fast, it’s knowing your vehicle, the little ins, and outs. How airflow and the proper fluids circulating as they should increases performance. After a lifetime dedication to this spectacular sports, Mr. Harris had the idea of applying the same philosophy to his love of growing things green. Mr. H learned when you have the right air flow and the proper fluids so to say, going to your motor, your vehicle would run at its peak performance. Applying that same thinking to a growing system was the inspiration for this fantastic invention. Bottleponics mission is to Inspire to Grow.

A 2 Liter Greenhouse.
A 2 Liter Greenhouse.

Bottleponics Puts Your 2 Liters to Work

Recently I ran across an amazing new product that I believe will help to revolutionize the growing industry for personal consumption. The idea was born from a brilliant mind. The mind of Mr. Harris created a hydroponics system for home use that is not only affordable and simple to use but effective both by cost and waste reduction. Turn your old two-liter bottles into containment units capable of growing an entirely mature marijuana plant. By upcycling these two-liter bottles not only are you getting a great second use out of them, but you are keeping them from building up in our landfills. Recycling comes in many different forms, and this is one way that the recycling triangle comes back to you three times fold if you would.

Strong, Deep Roots in the Cannabis Culture

Mr. Harris grew up in South Africa where cannabis was a regular part of his life since very early on. Knowing that growing your own ganja was the way to go early in life led Mr. Harris to design a system that would allow him to do just that. Year round no matter what the conditions outside were, you could grow. The ability to not be bound by day and night cycles, temperatures, pesticides, and many other factors was the goal. With this thinking in mind, Bottleponics was born. This unique filtration system combines the best of both worlds, hydroponics, and aeroponics when it comes to growing indoors. By giving you the best of both worlds, this affordable hydroponic system could be the answer you have been looking to find. With incredible growing results and a superior finished product, the benefits of Bottleponics is substantial.


It’s like Growing Green When Your Saving So much Green Growing Your Own

When you look at the average cost associated with purchasing marijuana, it can add up. Especially if you like to prepare your own edibles or if you are into juicing cannabis for the THCA benefits. To have a supply that you have grown is not only economically beneficial to you it is personally gratifying as well. The mission behind Bottleponics is to inspire to grow as it was so eloquently put by its creator Mr. Harris. The total cost including lights, filtration system, grow tent, seeds, and everything for a complete setup runs at the most an estimated $300. With a little bit of time and a touch of commitment, you can have the gratification of growing some of the best buds you have ever had. Check out this incredible system for yourself as it’s in the crowdfunding stage you can be on the ground floor as a contributor to making this great idea available to everyone. After seeing this product, I am sure that you will be, Inspired to Grow.

A friend in need, needs a friend with weed! :)-~
A friend in need needs a friend with weed! :)-~

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