Just Say NO to ResponsibleOhio!

You Dirty Dogs

Just Say NO!
Only WE 10 Will Grow!

If you follow Marijuana Writers blog, then you know we have a slight passion for spreading knowledge of wrongdoers. We like letting people know who they are and what they’re doing. We must stress we are all about the legalization of marijuana and the end of marijuana prohibition. Responsible regulation and education will lead to the end of Federal Prohibitiiitttion. ResponsibleOhio seems that they have the intentions of helping legalize marijuana for the state of Ohio. This plan, my friends, is a half truth. We don’t want to end prohibition, just to hand over the industry to corporate millionaires. They have had control of it for too long as it is, using their big dollars to support laws restricting the growth of the cannabis industry. Ian James and ResponsibleOhio aim to take over the market of growing marijuana in the state of Ohio. They plan to do this by allowing only a small group of investors, which are part of a particular group composed of about ten primary individuals to control the growing market for marijuana in the state of Ohio. They turned in a historicaly high amount of unverified signatures and were required to come up wit a little over 60 thousand more in 10 days or they wouldn’t make the ballot.

Shame on You

Gathering signatures near a bus stop where the average person doesn’t expect a wall street wolf.


Here is a great example of the kind of tactics being employed by ResponcibleOhio showing us that just like the MAN the have a hidden agenda and an alternate PLAN. Their slogan should read much that way. Ian James is the Man with a Plan, a Plan to make millions for helping the legalization movement and securing the entire growing sector for Ohio for himself and his buddies. He reminds us a lot of Big Pharma. Recently he was caught running a fake Twitter hive using paid individuals to create fake accounts.  His group wants only them, meaning his investors to controll the onlt 10 permitted marijuana growing facilities in the state of Ohio. This means that all of the citizens would not have a chance to participate in this great market. Keeping all the money in one group of investors, controlling what you smoke and how you smoke it. We are done with this man and his group of fancy pants investors.

I did it Now You can Do it To

Ian James and ResponsibleOhio put on a serious face.
Ian James and ResponsibleOhio put on a serious face.

They remind me of a group I worked for up north. I did construction for them helping build these beautiful condos and villas in the Dells. I knew some of the big players that had invested in this group and they basically would lie about to others about big names who were on board with them. They paid to have some pretty well know people back them.Ex NFL, NBA,and MLB were there favorite. They were the easist and cheapest to bribe and people would dump in money to invest when they saw a sports star doing so not realizing that most of these stars don’t ever invest a dime. Freebies like a free penthouse or villa are tossed their way by contractor who basicaly build them their place using cheap and illeagle labor and extras from the job as they like to call it. You be the judge after digging in yourself. We say No to ResponciableOhio! Give the people of Ohio a fair chance to grow to! When only 10 trees grow you can’t have a forest. Without a forest the rest of the land doesn’t produce well.Don’t allow 10 treesto be all that is allowed togrow in Ohio. The whole state should be allowed to feel the shade of the forest as it provides relief from the elements that ware you down.


                  Everyone deserver a little shade not just ResponciableOhio!

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